Noise Awareness Movement of India

Campaign against “Noise Pollution” starts on 15 August’2010 with Noise Awareness Movement of India

The main aim of the campaign is to take us all towards a quieter and more civilized nation.
It is an awareness campaign, which will continue on regular basis and in first phase, we will try to provide the vehicle owners the knowledge about “Noise Pollution” which is not good for human, animal & plant life. The campaign is also meant to change driving habits in the country.
The message is simple. Our country is becoming dangerously noisy as the largest source of noise pollution, vehicle traffic, is growing up rapidly.
Noise Pollution influences social behavior and cognitive development besides affecting our health and quality of life.
We invite every citizen of India to join the campaign and say “NO” to honking. On a personal level, we all need to take acoustic responsibility. Let us dedicate ourselves to combat this urban blight.
Noise pollution is a public health issue that is adversely affecting the lives of million of people throughout the country. It is unwanted human-created sound that has the effect of being distracting, annoying, painful and physically harmful. Human being continuously exposed to noise pollution experience mood swings, hypertension, depression, hearing loss, elevated stress levels, lost sleep and productivity. In children, noise pollution results in slowed learning.

Please, join us to celebrate India Noise Awareness Day on 17th December’2011 with the supporters acknowledging & quitting Honking.

Together, we can, and we will, make INDIA NOISE POLLUTION FREE.

This portal is a platform for the change we need to initiate. You are invited to write your experiences, suggestions, research and recommendations here, which will be published with your name.

Hema:No to Horn for better living.
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Yatin Dandekar:Blowing horn unnecessarily is one of the main causes of road rage in our nation. There is a lack of awareness among car drivers about this problem. Let us get together to fight against NOISE POLLUTION and promise ourselves to be the first to avoid using “Horn” except in emergency.
Neetika: "STOP HONKING INDIA" and lets make India a better place to Live
Rachana:The noise level in our cities is rapidly increasing due to heavier traffic and long jams. It is a good beginning towards a right cause. Let us stop blowing horns and relax in silence.
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