Hindi Feature Film Miss Khoobsoorat

Mirage Entertainment Group is producing a Hindi Feature Film titled "Miss Khoobsoorat" based on Beauty Pageant
Inviting male & female actors of all age groups for differnt roles given below.
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Beauty is to be admired .. Not be crushed. But most of the paths molded to proclaim Beauty worldwide can be quite sanctity vulnerable.


Beauty Pageant in the present era pf modernization is a process and drama to highlight and focus the attention of various Medias. seeking a select female beauty at a pedastal of name fame and glory to merchandise their marketing strategies.

Feminine Beauty and charms have proven to have changed the history of various empires in the past. Presently it stands granted to prove a role model as Envy of females and Fantasy of every male.

In the modern day scenario of cut-throat competition of proving one's worth and mettle -------- the dream merchants of Beauty devise and employ various platforms to lure the wild. ambitious and aspiring females with false hopes and lofty dreams to showcase their proclaimed Beauty.

In a stage set by their malicious and crooked minds.. these dream merchants play their game of puppeting the ignorant and innocent female youth for exploiting their hopes, morales and sancitity to achieve their ill-gotten gains and illicit ends.

Story Line:

Karan is a dashing. intelligent and successful owner of Mirage Entertainment Group with a string of successful Beauty Pageants as his track record to his credit.

His credit is also substantiated with high profile contacts and sponsors.. who flow in their money to his coffers unquestionably as he commands the provision of their merry making. and delightful moods. Assisted with select staff of close friends he manages the sailing of his concern safely through any and every rough weathers of business world.

His Beauty Pageant contestants and sponsors and influential powers were at his disposal to exploit.. and be exploited by him.

He only dreaded the Home Minister Dhanaji Rao who proved to be a ' Nasoor ' for him because of Dhanaji Rao's continuous.. incessant demand of young teenage girls from his Beauty Pageant for his lusty cravings.

What Karan had not anticipated was ..the wrath of a woman scorned..on the prowl .to sabotage and uproot him socially and professionally .and to extinguish his very existence in every way. This wrath of woman scorned was Anita Verma ..out to avenge her best friend Rajni's exploitation of money and chastity by Karan in the past.

Some of the aspirants for his forthcoming Beauty Pageant were the concubines and girl friends of his active and propitious Sponsors who sought to solicit their fundings and finances just to have their ladyloves being crowned as Miss Khubsoorat in Karan's Beauty Pageant.

They exert their utmost influence and power.. underlying it with silent threats of every conceivable thought and means.

Since media of electronic discipline has emerged as supremely powerful in the prevailing scenario.. Anita Verma seeks its help and joining of hands with Eye T.V. to strip wide open and unmask.. the dirty immoral face and illicit means of Karan. Sultan Bhai the most feared Don of Underworld and international fame simultaneously exerts his power of grave consequences should his girlfriend.

Menasha not be crowned as Miss Khoobsoorat in Karan's Beauty Pageant.

There is a Business Tycoon and Industrial Icon of Pantaloon Industries International.. who is willing to flood his money.. as sponsorship funds in Karan's coffer. just to get his ladylove being crowned as Miss Khoobsoorat in Karan's Beauty Pageant.

Then there are other innocent and gullible young aspirants.. who could go any length to win the Beauty Pageant by compromising to Karan's wants.. lusts personals gains Juxtaposed by the powerful influences to satisfy all at a time.. And his personal gains at stake at the same time with one and only crown of Miss Khoobsoorat.. and unaccountable innocent aspirants to care for. and justify the whole process and function of the Beauty Pageant.. And a single crown to part with ----Karan is in a fix and delimna of a big question mark.

How does Karan manage his Beauty Pageant ?

Does Don Sultan Bhai bump off Karan ?

Does Home Minister put his claws on Karan?

Does Anita Verma succeed in unmasking Karan ?

Does the crown of Miss Khoobsoorat don the head of any beauty in Karan's Beauty Pageant?

The answers to all these questions unfold in the finally of the silver screen of Mirage Entertainment Group's prestigious venture "Miss Khubsoorat".


All that glitters ..is not gold.

All that is heard or seen .. cannot be truth. Because the purity of gold symbolises the loftiness of the character of elements.. whether material or human form.

The Most Awaited Audition:

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Characters required:

Karan is a dashing.slick and intelligent young man..owner of a Event Media

Concern Mirage Entertainment Group and successful organizer of "Khubsoorat Beauty Pageant".He truly epitomised and spelt entertainment world in every sense.

Dabboo is a secretary to Karan.a sidekick. a bounceboard..a scapegoat etc..an instrument of Karan,s escapism in times of confusionand distress. He stood the opposite pole of everything that Karan represented. He was a born loser.

Sumeet is an employee photographer of Karan's concern..a homo with an oggling eye on the gay dress designer Rohit of the same concern.

Rohit..the gay dress designer of Karan's concern and consort of Sumeet.

Shiva.the artiste co-ordinator in designators terms but an unscrupulous and an opportunist pimp of the highest order and demean.

Neelam/TunTun..the funny and queer..comic characters and flings of Dabboo.

Sanjeev..Neelam's husband.

Ashok Chakravorty..A Business Tycoon and an Industrial Icon.the owner of Pantaloon Company...whose brand is the most successful and sought after globally..but .is a passionate slave of his concubine and sexbomb keep Rekha.on whom he spends all his might and money power for her whims and and fancies.

Rekha ..the ravishing and seductive . Oomph girl .the royally expensive fantasy girl and concubine of Ashok Chakraborty.and gluttonously longing for the crown of "Miss Khubsoorat"

Shobha..An enterprising and upcoming business executive ...The C.E.O. and the owner of electronic media channel Eye T.V... Which is on the verge of closure and closure and lockout if it,s T.R.P. Rating does not shoot upwards.

Rajat .the father of Shobha and concerned executive of channel Eye T.V. .pondering as to what rue could save his daughter's concern from sinking.

Shabbir...the dynamic media journalist and reporter employee of Eye T.V.commanding abundance of technical knowhow but at wit's end in solutions and remedial measures of company's wounds.

Anita Verma...a courageous and a brave aspirant of the Beauty Pageant .with a wrath of a woman scorned. out on the prowl to avenge the exploitation and victimization of of her best friend Rajni at the hands of Karan in the past. She is bent on exposing and unmasking the dubious character of immoral

Karan uprooting his social and business reputation to complete disaster. She connives with Shobha to join hands with her to unmask Karan which inturn will escalate her Eye T.V.'s T.R.P. Rating

Saroj..Yesteryear's most popular and star choreographer of Bollywood.now an employee of Karan.wisely confined to her duties alone..her ageing and disproportionate body was kept ignited and agile with the help of her macho assistant Manish

Manish ...The Honcho Stud assistant choreographer of Saroj.

Dhanaji Rao ..The Home Minister of lowest character...a sex maniac and a pervert.who unjustly used his his designation and powers to pressurize Karan in providing him with luscious teenage girls of his Beauty Pageant.to gratify his lust.

SultanBhai..The most dreaded and legally wanted Mafia Don who commanded every string and contacts at every level globally...who bade dire consequences to Karan ...in event Karan should fail to crown his girlfriend Manisha as "Miss Khubsoorat".

MANISHA..The teenage girlfriend of Sultanbhai.who pressurized SultanBhai to get her crowned as 'Miss Khubsoorat'.

Priyanka..A rich .bold and confident girl out to buy her rights to the crown of

'Miss Khubsoorat".

Amitabh Gopinath..A.C.P.

Karishma.. Miss Khubsoorat

Sushma....1st. Runnerup

Kaajal......2nd Runnerup


Mirage Entertainment Group established in the year 1997 promotes Indian culture on the Global Scenario and has successfully achieved a unique position in Films, Glamour, Fashion and Entertainment World. The main objective of The Mirage Entertainment Group is to promote and establish new talent & new products by producing film, Musical albums, Fashion shows and Beauty Pageant and Various entertainments in India as well as Abroad which was appreciated & Enjoyed by one & all.

The different memorable evenings which the group had presented are:

# Valentine Day Celebrations (1997 to 2010) Mumbai.
# Miss Khoobsurat- Beauty Pageant (1997 to 2010) Mumbai.
# Hangama-2000 (Bappi Lahiri Night in Dubai ) U.A.E.
# Filmi Hangama-2000 ( Bappi Lahiri and Fashion Show) Jaipur (Rajasthan) # Kem Chhe Musical Night-2001 (Bharuch, Gujarat) # Rajasthan At the bay-2003 -New Year Party,(HotelHorizon) Juhu,Mumbai # A Love without name- (English movie-Completed) # Miss Khoobsoorat- (Hindi movie under Production) # Agar Dil Na Hoth (Hindi film under Production) # Khawabon Ka Shahar (Music Album-Song Recorded and Album will be shootshortly)
# Capsul-( Documentary - Completed )
# Fashion Show-2005 Enigma,(Hotel J.W.Marriot Mumbai.
# Khoobsoorat- 2008 (Fashion Show Cum Bollywood Night at Party)D Ultimate Club, Andheri(W)Mumbai,India.


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