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    Job Title : Chhote Miyan Season 4 Auditions
    Category : Child Artist
    Gender : Both
    Company Name : Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd.
    Company Profile : Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's fastest growing entertainment networks and a house of iconic brands that offers multi-platform, multi-generational and multicultural brand experiences. A joint venture of Viacom Inc. and the Network18 Group, Viacom18 defines entertainment in India by touching people on air, online, on ground, in shop and through its cinema.
    Contact Information
    Contact Person : Organiser
    Address : Mumbai,Maharashtra
    Website :
    Phone No :
    Mobile : -
    Posting Date : 04 Jan 2017
    Audition / Casting Description :
    Chhote Miyan’ is a Comedy Reality Show featuring the most talented ‘Kids’ from across the country. It has been one of the most popular and successful ‘Stand-up’ comedy shows on Indian Television. After producing 3 seasons, Chhote Miyan Chapter 4 is back with fresh talent, a new format and much more laughter and entertainment.

    Kids with a talent in performing ‘Comedy Standup’ on stage and entertaining the audience will be handpicked through the process of ‘Silent Auditions’ from different parts of India. Top 12 of these participants will showcase their talent through solo, duo and team acts and one of them will finally win the title of ‘Chhote Miyan’.


    1. Program and Audition:
    Viacom18 Media Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Organizer(s)"/ “Viacom18”) shall be producing and broadcasting in India and abroad, the television entertainment program tentatively titled as “Chhote Miyan” ("Program"/”Programme”/ “Show” ). This Program shall be produced by the third party production house (‘Producer’) for and on behalf of Viacom18 primarly for the purpose of telecast on Viacom18’s channel namely “COLORS” (“Channel”).

    2. The purpose of this Program is to conduct a stand up comedy competition for identifying the best stand up comedian / performer amongst the age group as stated hereinafter, in a unique manner based on the concept as developed by Viacom18. Viacom18 and/or the Producer is conducting the auditions for selection of participants for participation in the Program (“Audition(s)”). This Audition is open for all Indian citizens residing in India/ person of Indian origin (PIO), non resident Indian (NRI), who are minor individuals between the age group of 4 (four ) years to 14 (fourteen) years (“Minor Participant”/ “Participant" or “Applicant”) and the participation shall be governed by the terms and conditions as detailed hereinafter. For the purpose of participation in this Audition, all the details as required to be filled in as displayed on the Website must be duly filled in by the Participant’s parent or legal guardian on the Participant’s behalf. The parent or legal guardian of the Minor Participant participating in this Audition (‘Parent’/ ‘’Legal Guardian’) agrees that all the representtaions, warranties, undertakings as given and as applicable to the Minor Participant shall be deemed to be applicable on such Minor Participant’s Parent/Legal Guardian and accordingly the Parent / Legal Guardian shall be bound by all the terms and conditions as stated herein including without limitation any and all representations, warranties, undertakings, terms as laid down herein and/or communicated by Viacom18 in relation to the Audition and the Program.

    3 Eligibility Criteria:
    The minimum age required for participation in this Audition and the Program (if selected thereafter) shall be between 4 (four) years and 14 (fourteen) years (“Age criteria”), at the time of uploading the Audition Video on the Website and/or at the time of sending Audition Video through email as stated above. Any individual who is a citizen of India and residing in India / person of Indian origin (PIO), non resident Indian (NRI), fulfilling the Age criteria as stated above, is eligible to participate in the Audition.

    4. Participation mechanism and other terms of participation:

    For the purpose of participation, the Legal Guardian shall be required to visit the website“” (‘Website’) and upload the Audition Video (as defined below) OR by send an email including the Participant’s name, Parent/ Legal Guardian’s name and contact details alongwith the Audition Video to;

    the Parent /Legal Guardian agrees to enter and provide all the necessary details including, inter alia, a) Name of the Participant, b) Name of the Parent / Legal Guardian c) Age of the Participant, d) Address, e) Nationality, f) email id of the Parent / Legal Guardian, g) Contact numbers (mobile /landline), etc. and upload the Audition Video and other details as required in the online form as displayed on the Website and shall upload the Audition Video (as defined hereinafter) on the Website. Upon submitting the Audition Video and recent photograph of the Participant on the Website in accordance with the requirements and criteria as laid down for the Auditions herein, the Parent/Legal Guardian hereby agrees to have read and understood all the terms and conditions for participation of the Participants in the Auditions and agree to abide by the same.

    the participation of the Participant in the Audition shall only be considered upon submission of all the details as required and displayed on the Website and upon submission of the Audition Video.

    Further that, the Parent/Legal Guardian on behalf of the Participant hereby represents and undertakes that all personal details and/or information submitted on the Website or through email are true, accurate, complete and in no way misleading or incorrect. Additionally, the Parent/Legal Guardian on behalf of the Participant may be subsequently required to, also sign and submit all such necessary documents/ release letters / declaration letters/ no objection letters/certificates/ agreements, etc., as required by Viacom18 and/or the Producer and/or its authorized representatives from time to time, in relation to the Audition and/or for participating in the Program (if selected) and/or otherwise, either with Viacom18 directly or any other party, as Viacom18 may require at anytime.

    If the Participant is selected for the subsequent round of audition/ venue audition, the Legal Guardian shall accompany the Participant for all such auditions and (if applicable and selected) for all the subsequent shoots, rehearsals, etc in relation to the subsequent rounds of audition and the Program at all times;

    Viacom18 shall have the authority and right to disqualify the Participant, at any point of time, if it comes to Viacom 18’s knowledge that the Participant has participated without the due consent, knowledge and awareness of the Legal Guardian and/or the Participant is in breach of any terms and conditions and/or undertakings herein;

    The Legal Guardian of the Participant in this Audition hereby represents and confirms that such Legal Guardian completely understands the nature of the Program and that he /she has voluntarily chosen at his /her free-will to permit his / her minor child to participate in the Audition and further participate in the Program (if selected) and such Legal Guardian is willing to bear all risks, costs & consequences arising from participation of his / her Minor Participant in the Audition and/or the Program. All the representation and warranties, obligations, terms and conditions as laid down herein and applicable to the Minor Participant shall be deemed to be applicable on the Parent / Legal Guardian and the Parent / Legal Guardian hereby agrees to comply and abide by the same at all times without any demur or protest.
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