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    Job Title : SUPER DANCER AUDITIONS Jaipur 10 July 2016
    Category : Dancer
    Gender : Both
    Company Name : Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd.
    Company Profile : Sony LIV - One door into the world of the Sony Entertainment Network! We have always been at the forefront of story-telling and entertaining our loyal viewers across the globe with refreshingly new shows, movies and events. Sony LIV is Sony Entertainment Network's Video-on-Demand service. LIV will deliver a world-class viewing experience from your favorite channels. There was a time when your love for a particular show was defined by how distressed you were at missing the show on TV.
    Contact Information
    Contact Person : Organiser
    Address : Jaipur,Rajasthan
    Website :
    Phone No :
    Mobile : -
    Posting Date : 27 Jun 2016
    Audition / Casting Description :
    The Future of dance is here!
    Sony Entertainment Television brings you the most awaited dance show of 2016, Super Dancer – Dance Ka Kal. The Show aims to find a Kid prodigy who has the potential to be the future of dance. The Kids are aged between 4 - 13 years. They are not only required to have 3D’s of dancing Desire, Discipline and Determination but also should be a keen learner and a passionate dancer with a unique personality. This show will be an ideal opportunity for every Kid to hone their talent and dancing skills.
    It’s time to bring the real Superheroes. So Kids, what are you waiting for, here’s your golden chance to be the future of dance in Super Dancer.

    Super Dancer Audition Details
    10-July 2016
    Sector-10, Madhyam Marg, Meera Marg, Mansarovar, Jaipur

    1. Super Dancer is a televised dance competition series (“Program”) produced by Frames Productions Private Limited for Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited (formerly known as Multi Screen Media Private Limited) and/or its affiliates (“SPN/Organizer”). The Program being a dance competition series, the Organizers are looking for talented participant(s) between the ages of 4 and 13 (“Participant”) to perform dance acts, choreographed either by themselves or based on a given choreographed act.
    2. For the purposes of the televised Program, Production House/SPN shall conduct Auditions by way of On-­-Ground Auditions (defined below) to be held at such locations and online entries (for international jurisdictions), as specified below (“Audition”). The purpose of the said auditions is to select dancers for the Show to be broadcast/telecast on Sony Entertainment Television (“SET”/ “Channel”) and/or any other channel of SPN. By virtue of the application/registration form duly filled in and completed by the Parent/Guardian of the minor Participant(s) for participation of their wards in the Show, the Parent/Guardian accepts and agrees to the following rules and regulations in addition to any other terms and conditions or decisions made by the Organizers to enable the Participant(s)to participate in the Auditions.

    3. The Participant(s) must be between the age of 4 to 13 years as on June 01, 2016 who can participate after being registered by the Registrant(s) (defined below) being their Parent or Guardian.
    4. The Participant(s) should be of sound mind and health and must not be disqualified by law, should not have any criminal record or be of an unsound mind.
    5. For the purposes of clarity:
    (a) “Parent” shall mean the natural parent of the Participant(s) being his or her biological Father or Mother.
    (b) “Guardian” shall mean such Guardian as appointed by a District Court under the relevant provisions of the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890. Any other claim for Guardianship shall have to be established by way of proper documentation and Company shall have the sole discretion to decide about allowing such Participant(s).
    6. The Parent/Guardian of the Participant(s) shall register on behalf of the minor Participants to enable their participation in the Program in the manner prescribed hereinafter and shall enable the minor Participant(s) to do such acts as specified hereafter.
    7. The Parent and/or Guardian of the minor Participant(s) shall hereinafter be collectively referred to as “Registrant(s)” who shall register via the following platforms/modes:
    • directly through Walk-­-in Ground Auditions by filling up of registration form on the spot in the on Ground Auditions venue; or
    • online on the web portals specifically provided for by the Organizer(for international jurisdictions); or
    • any other platform / medium that the Organizer shall include / advertise from time to time.
    8. Registrant(s) shall not be employees, agents and promoters (including their immediate family members) of SPN and/or the Production House, and of its divisions, affiliates and subsidiaries, and others associated with the Program in any manner; Registrant(s) falling under any of the aforesaid categories specified herein are not eligible to participate in the Program and in case they do participate or register to participate by misrepresentation, SPN/Production House shall in its sole discretion disqualify and discontinue such participation.
    9. SPN/Production House shall be entitled to verify the entries or seek for such proof
    from the Registrant(s) as shall be necessary in respect of the entries at any time as the Production House/SPN shall deem necessary.
    10. SPN/Production House has the right at any time to require proof of identity and/or eligibility. Any failure to provide such proof within a reasonable time could result in disqualification from the Auditions/Program. All personal details and information requested by and supplied to the Production House by Registrant(s) must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading. SPN/Production House reserves the right to disqualify any Registrant(s) from the Auditions in its sole discretion, should the Registrant(s) at any stage supply untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information.

    11. The Program is open to the Participant(s) being children between the age 4 years and above and not more than 13 years of age as on June 01, 2016.The application and release form should be reviewed, approved and signed by the Registrant(s) being the Parent or Guardian of the Participant(s).
    12. The promotions of the Program will be aired on the channel of the Organizerinviting all viewers to register for on-­-ground Auditions of the Program or such other dates for promotion as decided by SPN in sole discretion.
    26. The Registrations via Online, as more specifically mentioned below, shall start on 18th June 2016 at 09:00 P.M. (IST) (Entry Start) .Ends 17th July 2016
    ONLINE (for the jurisdictions of Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada, as applicable)
    27. Online Registration for Auditions shall have to be made by logging in at the specified microsite on the URL (“Website”) by filling in the following details:
    (a) Name of Registrant(s)
    (b) Contact number
    (c) Email Address
    (d) Full name of Participant(s)
    (e) Relationship with Registrant(s)
    (f) Age of Participant(s) (as on June 01, 2016) (for e.g. if a person is 12 years and 11 months old, they will have to enter12 years as their age)
    (g) Gender
    (h) Video featuring the a dance recital of the Participant(s)
    28. The Registrant(s) must then check the box that signifies his/her consent and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions governing participation in the Program.
    29. On submission of the online registration form, unique identification number will be generated which will be displayed on the screen and also be mailed to the Registrant(s)’ email address. Further the registration details will be saved in the database of the Organisers. The Registrant(s) shall then receive a confirmation email and physical copy of the same needs to be presented by him/her at the Auditions venue.

    30. The Walk-­-in-­-Registrations at the aforementioned locations shall be conducted on such date and time as stated hereinabove.
    31. The Organizers shall at its sole discretion conduct Walk-­-in-­-Registrations at such other locations/cities, which shall be intimated through on-­-air promotions and/or on SPN’s Website.
    32. The Registrant(s) shall enroll and fill-­-in the registration form on the spot at the respective venues on the date of Walk in Auditions. The following details will be required:
    a) Name of Registrant(s)
    b) Contact Number
    c) Email Address
    d) Full name of Participant(s);
    e) Relationship with Registrant(s)
    f) Age of Participant(s) (as onJune 01, 2016) (for e.g. if a person is 12 years and 11 months old, they will have to enter 12 years as their age)
    g) Gender
    h) Audition city
    33. The entry at the Ground Auditions venue for registered Registrant(s) will be subject to verification and in support of the details entered for Registration, the Registrant(s) shall have to bring at the Auditions venue, the following:

    For valid name proof (any one of the following):
    • PAN Card
    • Passport
    • Voter ID or
    • Driver’s License

    For Valid address proof (any one of the following):
    • Landline Phone / Electricity Bill
    • Passport
    • Voter ID
    • Driver’s License or
    • Ration card
    • 1 (one) passport size photograph plus 1 full length and 1 frontal photograph

    For Participant(s):
    • Consent letter for participation from Parent(s) / Guardian(s)
    • 1 passport size photograph plus 1 full length photograph
    • For valid name proof (any one of the following):
    o Birth certificate
    o Bonafide certificate with the child’s identity attested by the Principal of the school being attended/ School ID Card
    o Passport
    o Ration card
    • For valid age proof (any one of the following):
    o School ID Card
    o Passport Programing the relation between the Parent/Guardian and the Minor
    o UID/Aadhar Card o Ration Card
    o Birth certificate
    34. The Entries where complete information has not been shared as requested in the registration form shall be disqualified.
    35. Any Entries made after the Entry Closure shall not be accepted bySPN/Production House.
    36. The Registrant(s) will need to carry the original document and 2 atested photocopies of each document. All the above mentioned documents must be in Hindi or English only.
    37. Any entry made by the Registrant(s) is not transferrable in case of any other child/children of the Registrant(s) other than the Participant(s) whose details have been entered.
    38. The Organizers have the right at any time toseek proof of identity and/or eligibility. And any failure to provide such proof within a reasonable time could result in disqualification from Participation in the Program.
    39. Organizers may use the information provided by the Registrant(s) to verify age and identity and to carry out background checks with law enforcement and government agencies, at their sole discretion without any demur or protest from either the Participant(s) or the Registrant(s). Organizers may share the information provided by the Registrant(s) as part of the selection process and in connection with the production and promotion of the Program.
    40. Any queries with regard to the Program can be sent
    41. The Participant(s) must be accompanied by the Registrant(s) and will have to be present at the allotted Auditions venue on the date and time allotted to such respective Participant(s) along with the documents and photographs required (both in original and attested photocopy).
    42. The on Ground Auditions shall be conducted at the above mentioned venues on the above mentioned dates. The following rules are binding on all Registrant(s) and Participant(s) present at all the venues along with the other rules mentioned below in this document in addition to any Rules which may be prescribed by the Organizers which may be displayed at a conspicuous area of the Audition venue.
    43. The gates at the venue for the purpose of participation for the Ground Auditions shall open at 08:00 A.M. on the dates mentioned and the gates shall close at 01:00 P.M. or earlier if the capacity of the said audition venue is full.No further requests for an Auditions shall be entertained by the Production House/SPN.
    44. The entry shall be on first-­-come-­-first-­-serve basis at the above mentioned times only at the venues specified below.
    45. The number of Registrant(s) shortlisted shall be at the sole discretion of the Production House/SPN.
    46. The Parent/Guardian on behalf of the minor Participant(s) shall ensure that the performance by the Participants at the Ground Auditions shall not be obscene, vulgar, have racial or religious connotations.
    47. The Registrant(s) and/or Participant(s) shall not be allowed to record the performances under any circumstance.
    48. The Registrant(s) should inform the Production House/SPN about carrying any props for the dance Act of Participant(s) into the Ground Auditions venues and the Production House/SPN’s decision on permission for usage of the same at the venue will be final.
    49. Production House/SPN shall have the sole discretion to discontinue/cancel the Ground Auditions and/ the Program at any point of time and the Registrant(s) and/or Participant(s) shall not raise any claim due to such discontinuation or cancellation.
    50. The Production House/SPN will not be in a position to permit changes to dates and venues of Ground Auditions if requested by Registrant(s). The Ground Auditions process may take one or more days, and the Participant(s) along with Registrant(s) may be required to be present for the entire period of theGround Auditions.
    51. Production House/SPN shall not be held liable in the event of injury or any physical or mental harm caused to the Registrant(s) and/or Participant(s) or even death during the course of the Ground Auditions.
    52. All costs incurred by the Registrant(s) for their child/children and themselves including but not limited to traveling, accommodation or food and the arrangements for the same shall be the responsibility of the Registrant(s) /applicant and no claims for the same shall be made against the Production House/SPN.
    53. Notwithstanding any other provisions in these rules and regulations, the Production House/SPN may, at its sole and absolute discretion, cancel or reschedule the Ground Auditions, or hold additional Ground Auditions on such other dates and at such
    places as it may determine and the Registrant(s) shall adhere to and abide by any and all instructions, requirements and timing stipulations as determined by the Production House/SPN and shall attend at any and all such additional Ground Auditions.
    54. Registrant(s) and Participant(s) shall maintain the decorum of the Ground Auditions venue and shall abide by the rules and regulations thereof. Further, the instructions
    of the Production House/SPN shall be adhered to strictly. If the Participant(s) and/or Registrant(s) acts in contravention to the instructions of the Production House/SPN or creates nuisance either to the Production House/SPN or the other Registrant(s) or generally in and around the venue of the Ground Auditions, such Participant(s) and/or Registrant(s) shall immediately be disqualified from participating in the Ground Auditions and shall be escorted outside the Ground Auditions venue.
    55. The decision of the Production House/SPN in connection with the Ground Auditions
    including but not limited to short listing the Participant(s) will be final & binding and is non-­-contestable. The short listing process of the Participant(s) shall include but not be limited to the creative requirement for the Program. The Registrant(s) and Participant(s) shall not question such process. In case of any dispute or difference in respect of this Ground Auditions, the decision of the Production House/SPN shall be final and binding on all concerned.
    56. For clarity purpose, even after final selection for the Program, the Production House/SPN shall have the absolute right to replace any of the Participant(s) as per their sole discretion and creative requirement.
    57. The Production House/SPN will not be responsible for any loss / theft of belongings of the Registrant(s) and Participant(s), at the Ground Auditions venue or on the sets of the Program, before / during / after the shoot, or at the time of the Ground Auditions.
    58. The Production House/SPN (or, where appropriate, the decision of the Judges) shall be treated as final.
    59. The use of mobile phones will not be permitted during the auditions and shoots. It may lead to disqualification of the Participant(s)

    60. For the purpose of the Program and on Ground Auditions, Production House/SPN shall carry out an audition of the Registrant(s) selected out of the aforementioned Entries by the Registrant(s) at the sole discretion of the Production House/SPN.
    61. The Participant(s) who shall be selected from the aforementioned Auditions at the sole discretion of the Production House/SPN shall be asked to perform their Act for the Program.
    62. The Registrant(s) agree that by presenting their child/children at the Ground Auditions venue or by providing the Entries at the Website the Registrant (s) agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use provided at the SPN’s website (“Website”).
    63. Production House/SPN shall not be responsible for any connectivity problem to the internet, or server problems resulting in temporary blocking of the Website and thereby inability of the Registrant(s) to provide Entries at the Website. Inability of the Registrant(s) to provide Entries at the Website for any reason shall not entitle the Registrant(s) for any claim against the Production House/SPN and Production House/SPN shall in no manner be held liable for theRegistrant(s)’ such inability.
    64. Production House in its sole discretion shall choose the Registrant(s) from amongst
    the Entries or otherwise.
    65. The Auditions process may take more than one day, and the Participant(s) would be required to be present for the entire period of the Auditions as informed by the Organizers and all costs including but not limited to boarding, lodging etc., will be borne by the Registrant(s) for their child/children being the Participant(s) for the Program.
    66. The Registrant(s) understands that shortlisting of the Participant(s) in the Auditions is only a preliminary step towards further participation of the Participant(s) in the Program and it shall be the absolute and sole discretion of the Organizers to allow such further participation based on creative requirements.

    67. The Production House/SPN shall, in its sole discretion, select the Entry/(ies) for the Ground Auditions, after carrying out relevant checks of the Entries by the Registrant(s).
    68. Production House/SPN shall be under no obligation to select all or any of the Registrant(s) either from the Online Registrations (international jurisdictions) or Walk-­- in-­-Auditions and shall have the absolute and sole discretion to select such Registrant(s) as it deems fit for the purpose of the Program. By agreeing to the present Terms and Conditions, Registrant(s) and/or Participant(s) waive their right to object to the selection process of the Organizers or file a claim against either the Production House or SPN.
    69. Only short listed Participant(s) through their Parent/Guardian will be notified by telephone/email/fax/letter by the Production House, of the dates and venue of further audition rounds.
    70. The Ground Auditions may or may not be televised, depending on the needs of the Organizers. The shoot for the rounds of Auditions shall be recorded as required by the Organizers which shall be internally evaluated and selected by the judges of the Program and/or by the Organizer’s creative team. The Organizer is not liable to disclose its scoring / selection process and will not entertain any questions with respect to the same.
    71. Decision of SPN/Production House in all matters pertaining to the Auditions and selection of Participant(s) by the judges of the Program shall be final and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained. SPN/Production House shall not be obliged to notify unsuccessful Registrant(s) of its decision.
    72. The Organizers may in its sole discretion exclude a Participant(s) from participating in the Auditions/studio part of the Program which may include without limitation (i) circumstances which, in the Organizers view, renders the Participant(s) unfit to participate therein; (ii) inability to produce documentation specified by the Organizers proving the identity of the Participant(s); (iii) any other reason that, at the discretion of Organizers, would adversely impact the Company, Channel or Program.
    73. The Organizers will have no liability to Registrant(s) if his child being the Participant(s) is unable to attend or take part in the Program for whatever reason and the Organizers shall be entitled to disqualify theParticipant(s), replace any such Participant(s) from the Program at any time, at the discretion of the Organizers.
    74. In the event that there is a tie between two (or more) Participant(s), the Organizers shall be entitled to determine in its absolute discretion which Participant(s) is eliminated and/or which Participant(s) goes through to the next round (as appropriate) and for this purpose it shall be entitled to make such arrangements or request such further rounds from the Participant(s) as it, in its absolute discretion, deems necessary.

    75. It is anticipated that recording of the finals of the Program will take place tentatively around the first week of December or such other date depending upon the schedule decided by Company in its sole discretion. The selection of the Participant(s) for the round of Auditions and for the winner of Program will be made by scores of judges and their discretion at end of theProgram.
    76. The manner, process and mode of choosing one (1)winner at the grand finale of the Program shall be final and binding on the Registrant(s) and/or Participant(s) and the Participant(s) while entering into Auditions agrees to accept the judges’ decision as final without any further claim in this regard.
    77. The Company shall not entertain any mail or query questioning or otherwise asking for the definitive process for choosing the winner and the Participant(s) and/or Registrant(s) by participating in the Auditions shall be bound by these T&Cs

    78. The prize to be won by winner Participant(s) of the Program shall be decided by SPN in its sole discretion.
    79. Any and all taxes and/or levies applicable on theprize won by the winner, under the laws of India shall be borne by the winner in relation to the prize.
    80. Any and all taxes and/or levies applicable on the prize money won by the winner Participant(s), under the laws of India shall beborne by the Registrant(s) for and on behalf of their child/children as winner Participant(s). The payment of prize money to the winner Participant(s) shall be made as per the guidelines being the Guidelines to Regulate the Child Participation in TV Serials, Reality Programs and Advertisements 2010-­-2011 issued by National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (“NCPCR Guidelines”) after deduction of all applicable taxes and levies as per the Income Tax Act and subject to providing the relevant documents as intimated by the Organizers and will be paid within the time stipulated by the Organizers .
    81. The Organizers may refuse to pay winnings or reclaim all sums paid to winner in the event of his/her fraud, dishonesty or non-­-entitlement to participate in the Program under these Terms and Conditions.

    82. All expenses incurred by the Registrant(s) for their child/children in connection with
    the Auditions including but not limited to costume, make-­-up, travel & food expenses, shall be the sole responsibility of the Registrant(s). Registrant(s) shall not be given any additional space like dressing room or make up room for change of costumes or for make-­-up or for any such other purpose.
    83. No participation fee shall be charged for Entries in the Auditions. Details of the date and venue of Auditions shall be intimated to the shortlisted Registrant(s) by the Production House.
    84. All Auditions will be subject to such timing stipulations and requirements as may be determined by SPN/Production House and SPN/Production House makes no representations, warranties nor provides any undertaking to any of the Registrant(s)
    that any or all of the Registrant(s) will be able to perform or audition at the time and/or place in accordance with the terms and conditions set out herein. SPN/ Production House shall neither be liable nor responsible for any damages, losses, costs, expenses or otherwise suffered by any of the Registrant(s) in the event that SPN/ Production House is not able to permit the Registrant(s) to perform or give Auditions in accordance with any of the foregoing provisions.
    85. Participant(s) and/or Registrant(s) who are under any contract which will prohibit the Participant(s) from entering into any management contracts / performance recording contracts / merchandising and/or any other contract which prevents them from participating in the Auditions for the Program are prohibited from participating in the Auditions.
    86. By registering for the Program, the Registrant(s) represents that Participant(s) is medically fit and do not have present or past psychological ailments. If in the past, Participant(s) has had any psychological ailments or has been under medication for any psychological, anxiety, hypertension, depression or any other medical problems, the same shall be disclosed to the Organizers by the Registrant(s) in writing along with a copy of the certificate from a qualified medical practitioner declaring Participant(s) to be fit for participation in theProgram.
    87. If the Auditions dates are during school term times, it is the responsibility of the Registrant(s) to obtain confirmation of authorized leave of absence during school term times for the Participant(s) from the school and/or local authority. The Organizers will not be liable where the Registrant(s) does not obtain such authorization for their Participants
    88. All the Intellectual Property Rights of the Registrant(s) in respect of the performance of the Participant(s) either in the Auditions or in the Program including but not limited to the copyright, rights of publicity, moral rights and any related rights shall stand waived and Registrant(s) agree not to claim or enforce any of the aforementioned rights in any Court, Tribunal or any other forum whether in India or anywhere else. Registrant(s) also consent to SPN’s right to reproduce his/her picture
    or the recording provided by the Registrant(s) or portray the Participant(s) in any and all media now existing or hereinafter created, including without limitation television, film, radio and print media, without any compensation whatsoever for advertising and publicity purposes of the Program or any other Program of SPN or the Production House, except where prohibited by law. The Registrant(s) also consents to SPN’s right to use Participant(s) name, voice or picture, or the content of his/her Auditions without any further permission or compensation for such usein any and all media now known or in commercial use or developed based on media now known or in commercial use. The Registrant(s) grants SPN irrevocable consent in perpetuity to the use of the sound recordings, photographs, video tape, and illustrations taken during or in connection with the Auditions, in any and all applications including but not limited to advertising, commercials, promotion, stories, text, articles, illustrations, copy and commercial exploitation, in any and all media forms, including but not limited to radio, broadcast and television, newspapers and magazines at any time without theRegistrant(s) further knowledge or consent.
    89. The Registrant(s) shall indemnify and hold SPN/Production House harmless from any claims, expenses, damages or any other payments of any kind arising in any way out of the use of Participant(s) name, image, voice and likeness, or the contents of their performance.
    90. As part of Participant(s)’ contribution to the Program, the Organizers may request Registrant(s) to allow Participant(s) to participate in any online/interactive activity
    relating to the Program including without limitation recordings of web-­-casts, interviews and participation in so-­-called ‘chat-­-rooms’ under parental guidance and monitoring by the Registrant(s). It is a further condition of entry and participation in the Program that Participant(s) ensure and procure from any and all Registrant(s) and their child being the Participant(s)
    their agreement and execution of the release form as devised from time to time by the Organizers.
    91. Each Registrant(s) himself or herself is also required to refrain from wearing any clothing items bearing designer or sports logos or bearing the name or likeness of a celebrity, living or dead, during the Studio Part of theProgram and ensure the same for the Participant(s). Participant(s) are also not permitted to wear or mention any competing TV channel names, or names of competitors of sponsors of theProgram.
    92. It is the responsibility of the selected the Registrant(s) to make Participant(s)
    available for the Auditions and in the event such selected Registrant(s) does not show up for the Auditions, SPN may, at its discretion, afford another opportunity to appear or disqualify the Participant(s).
    93. The Production/SPN has the sole discretion to allow audio visual footage of the performance at the time of audition to be used for any purpose of the Program irrespective of whether Participant(s) is selected for Auditions or the final program.
    94. The Registrant(s) represent that neither he/she has not been accused or convicted or is otherwise involved in any criminal offence and/or is not under inquiry or trial by the police or judiciary which has not been disclosed to the Organizers in writing nor has the Participant(s) been involved in any case underthe Juvenile Justice Act, 2000. Registrant(s) represent that the Participant(s) is /are not required to be present before any authority including police or any court of law during the shooting dates informed by the Company and haveno other disability which would prevent his/her participation in the Auditions or the Program (if selected).
    95. The Registrant(s) acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily chosen to allow the Participant(s) to participate in the Program at his / her free-­-will and is willing to bear all risk, costs & consequences arising from such participation in theProgram.
    96. Participant(s) will not be confirmed as Participant(s) for the Program if they are suffering from any kind of ill health, medical problems (viz.: heart ailment, blood pressure ailment, final stages of pregnancy, etc.). It is the responsibility of the Registrant(s) to ensure that the Participant(s) are medically fit for participation. Nevertheless the final decision regarding their participation in the Program rests entirely with the Organizers.
    97. Should any Participant(s) be selected to participate in the Program, it is a condition of participation that with the benefit of independent legal advice, the Registrant(s) shall enter into prize agreement(s), including a recording agreement, a prize agreement provided by Organizers or any such other agreements with such other parties as may be applicable and/or designated by the Organizers as well as therelease form for the final Participant(s) selected for the Program for the purpose of ensuring that the Participant(s) can be engaged for the purposes of recording and other performances. Should the Registrant(s) fail to enter into these Agreements (or any of them), the Organizers reserves the right to disqualify the Participant(s) from the Program. The Agreement(s) will become fully effective for the final winner Participant(s) only. The Registrant(s) acknowledges that while the commercial benefits under this Program rules may be available to the winner only, the restrictions contained in these Program rules shall apply to the Registrant(s) and Registrant(s) shall ensure that Participant(s) follow such rules and conditions laid down in the release form.
    98. The Registrant(s) shall ensure that the Participant(s) do not at any stage of the Program discuss with or take advice from any or all of the Judges on any matters relating to their participation in the Program including, without limitation, their performance, appearance or choice of song.
    99. There is no obligation on the part of the Organizers to record or broadcast any Auditions and/or Program in which a Participant(s) has appeared or any part of his / her contribution to a Program.
    100.The Registrant(s) shall ensure that Participant(s) must at all times behave appropriately when taking part in the Program and observe the Program Rules and any other rules or regulations in force at the studios and / or locations. The Organizers reserve the right in their absolute discretion to remove from the Program, studio premises or location any Participant(s) and the Registrant(s) who breaks such rules and / or fails to behave appropriately and to disqualify such Participant(s).
    101.None of the Registrant(s) shall, without the prior written approval of the Organizers, speak to the press or any other media nor give any interviews or comments relating to the Program and shall ensure the same for their children being theParticipant(s). The Participant(s) shall not disclose any information whatsoever relating to the Organizers to any other party.
    102.The Organizers, Company, the Judges, the advertising agencies and any person or entity connected with the production (including the format owners and the broadcasters of the Programs), administration or judging of the Auditions, the Program or the Program (the “Relevant Parties”) shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Registrant(s), in respect of any loss, damage suffered by the Registrant(s) or Participant(s) arising from or pursuant to the Program or for any and
    all loss, damage, cost, expense or injury to life or property sustained by the Participant(s) or at any stage of the Program and during production thereof whether or not caused by (1) the administration (including scheduling) of the Program including any failure of transportation or inability for any reason to appear before the judging panels; (2) the Participant(s) or any third party’s participation in the auditioning process, or being selected or disqualified; (3) the decisions of the judges, Organizers or public voting; (4) any comment, remark, judgment, view, criticism, critique, opinion and/or observation made and/or passed by any of the Judges and/or Producers; and/or (5) any printing, typographical or technological errors in any materials associated with the Program. Notwithstanding the generality of the
    foregoing, the Relevant Parties expressly exclude liability for all direct, indirect and consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to loss or damage to other equipment or property or for loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings pursuant to the Program. In no event will the measure of damages include, nor will the Relevant Parties be liable for, any amounts for indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages of any party, including third parties; or for damages attributable to the Participant(s); or circumstances beyond the Relevant Parties including the Organizers reasonable control.
    103.Registrant(s) agree to release SPN and its respective divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, branches, directors, officers, employees and agents, as well as all others associated with the development and execution of the Auditions/Program, from and against any and all liability with respect to or in any way arising from this Auditions/Program, including liability for personal injury, except where prohibited or limited by law.
    104.Notwithstanding any other provisions in this Agreement, SPN/Production House may, at its sole and absolute discretion, hold additional Auditions on such other dates and at such places as it may determine and theRegistrant(s) shall adhere to and abide by any and all instructions, requirements and timing stipulations as determined by SPN/Production House and shall attend at any and all such additional Auditions. SPN/Production House also reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Auditions as contained herein and to alter or terminate the Auditions at any time without prior notice.
    105.Non-­-conformance of the terms & conditions stated herein shall result in disqualification of the Participant(s) from participation in the Auditions and/or the Program
    106.SPN/Production House shall be entitled to take necessary action for and against the Registrant(s) or any interested/intended Registrant(s) on behalf of the Participant(s) for any act of omission or commission which is perceived by the Production House/SPN in its sole discretion as misbehavior, misdemeanor and/or any act which creates or is likely to create any unrest at the venue on the day of the Auditions or any such action which the Production House/SPN perceives as a genuine threat to the safety of its employee or agents or its property at the venue of the Auditions and/or Program. Any disturbance, illegal or unethical act in or outside the venue and/or related to the Program will lead to immediate disqualification.
    107.By making the call for the Entries/filling the registration form online (international jurisdictions) and/or by participating in the Auditions the Registrant(s) accepts the terms & conditions stated herein on behalf of Participant(s) and is deemed to be bound by all and any decisions made by SPN/Production House, including any interpretations of or additions/amendments to Terms & Conditions herein.
    108.By making the call for the Entries and/or by participating in the Auditions, the
    Registrant(s) agree to execute any further agreement or document as deemed
    necessary by the Production House/SPN in its sole discretion and in such event, the Registrant(s) shall extend their full cooperation in execution of such documents.
    109.It is a condition of entry and participation in the Auditions/Program that the Registrant(s) who wish to make Participant(s) available to participate in the Auditions/Program, agree and sign up the release form (if provided) and abide by terms and conditions of such release form and terms and conditions as devised from time to time by SPN/Production House. As part of Registrant(s)’ contribution to the Program, SPN/ Production House may request the Registrant(s) to participate in any activity relating to the Auditions/Program including but not limited to recordings of web-­-casts, interviews and participation in so-­-called ‘chat-­-rooms’, radio and television shows and any other similar promotional shows.
    110.SPN/Production House shall abide by all the laws with respect to theAuditions.
    111.The present terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of India and the Courts in Mumbai shall have sole primary jurisdiction to deal with all the disputes with regard to the terms and conditions herein.
    112.For a copy of these terms and conditions, or in case of any clarity, the Registrant(s) may contact the aforesaid address specifying a request. However no queries will be entertained on the result of the Entries or the Auditions and/or the Program.
    113.Under no circumstance, shall SPN and/or the Channel their directors, employees, officers, affiliates or subsidiaries, or the Production House be liable to the Registrant(s), Participant(s) and/or any third party for any lost profits or lost opportunity, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages whatsoever.
    114.Registrant(s) agree that they shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless SPN, the Channel, its directors, employees, officers or representatives and the Production House in connection with their Entries for Auditions and/or any claims or alleged claims on the authenticity of their Acts.
    115.Production House and/or SPN and/or its directors, employees, officers, affiliates or subsidiaries shall have no liability in tort, contract, or otherwise to the Registrant(s) and/or Participant(s).
    116.Registrant(s) by entering their deals and submitting supporting documents to such entries and by accepting the present Terms and Conditions agree that SPN/Production House shall be entitled to use their details for promotional purposes and store, transfer, use and share the same with any third party without any further intimation to or consent from the Registrant(s) and Participant(s) shall not file any
    claim against SPN/Production House for any such use of their details by SPN/Production House.
    117.The Registrant(s) agree to fully indemnify and to agree to keep Production House and/or SPN fully indemnified at all times against all actions, proceedings, costs, damages, expenses, penalties, claims, demands and liabilities howsoever claimed against or incurred by the Production House and/or SPN in consequence of any of the Acts performed by the Registrant(s) which amounts to infringement of Intellectual Property Rights of any third party or such acts which are in violation of any law or are blasphemous or otherwise hurts the sentiments of any person or community.
    118.SPN/Production House shall have the sole the right to cancel/ postpone/ stop/ terminate the Auditions of the Participant(s) and/or make any amendments to the existing rules for the Auditions contained herein, at any given time without incurring any liability whatsoever, without prior notice and in its sole discretion.
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