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    Job Title : Lead Artist
    Category : Lead Artist
    Gender : Both
    Company Name : A.R.Cinematics
    Company Profile : A.R Cinematics is a production house that has set it’s stone to roll from this year. We believe that a film can make a person face his persona; be it a ‘Film’, ‘Ad Film’, ‘Corporate Film’, ‘Documentary’ or else.
    Contact Information
    Contact Person : Abhishek
    Address : Kolkata,West Bengal
    Website :
    Phone No :
    Mobile : +91 9038774601
    Posting Date : 22 Nov 2013
    Audition / Casting Description :
    We need good Bengali Artist for our Bengali Feature film project.
    1. Female / 18-24 yrs.
    Character – Shikha (Lead) Gender - Female Age – 21-24 Years Character Sketch – Modern, Literate, Bold, Sensitive Looks – Tall, Fair, Slim, Good Looking
    2. Female / 31-40 yrs.
    Character – Malati Gender - Female Age – 35-37 Years Character Sketch – Belongs from East Bengal, Frustrated, Workaholic Looks – Bulky, Fair, Good Looking
    3. Male / 41-50 yrs.
    Character – Nitya Gender - Male Age – 40-45 Years Character Sketch – Belongs from East Bengal, Talkative, Lazy Looks – Fatty, Normal Height
    4. Female / 41-50 yrs.
    Character – Shikha’s Mom Gender - Female Age – 45-48 Years Character Sketch – Traditional Bengali Woman, Polite, Obedient to Husband Looks – Fair & Good Looking
    5. Male / 25-30 yrs.
    Character – Ranjan Gender - Male Age – 25-28 Character Sketch – Cleaver, Selfish Looks – Up Market
    6. Male / 31-40 yrs.
    Character – Mr. Ghosh Gender - Male Age – 38-40 Character Sketch – Company owner, Strict, Rule follower Looks – Up Market
    7. Female / 31-40 yrs.
    Character – Mr. Ghosh’s Wife Gender - Female Age – 30-32 Character Sketch – Bold House Wife Looks – Gorgeous & Up Market
    8. Male / 31-40 yrs.
    Character – Makhan Gender - Male Age – 32-35 Character Sketch – Anti Social Looks – Tall, lean and Up Market
    9. Male / 0-5 yrs.
    Character – Ranjit’s Child Gender - Male Age – 4-5 Character Sketch – Looks – Up Market
    10. Male / 25-30 yrs.
    Character – Vijay Gender - Male Age – 23-25 Character Sketch – Active, Workaholic Looks – Fatty
    11. Male / 41-50 yrs.
    Character – Kedar Gender - Male Age – 40-42 Character Sketch – Smart, Cleaver Looks – Up Market
    12. Male / Any age
    Character – Nitya’s Child Gender - Male Age – 10-14 Character Sketch – Mature, Obedient Looks – Fair, Up Market
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