senZasianal Bolly stepZ (SBZ)
Bollywood Dance Classes

Adults 18 - 30
3 Lessons per week @ 500rs per person per session
12 Lessons per month @ 5000rs per month per person (saver package)

Kids 06-12
Juniors 12-17
3 Lessons per week @ 250rs per person per session
12 lessons per month @ 2500rs

Company Info
Full furnished Dance Hall
State if the Art Dance Studio with Surround sound & Mirrored Walls / Changing Facilities and refreshments provided. AC and newly furnished.
Experience teacher & choreographer with 9 years experience International award winning performer MISS REKHA TEAVAR and supported by senZasianal PR with UK Actor Anchor Model Pritam Chopra. Classes will also have performances for students who advance to shows around UK EU and INDIA as well as other destinations.
London Brighton India Mumbai

Bollywood Dance Instructor
09:00am – 16:00pm Mon – Wed – Sun
Malad West – Evershine Nagar Link Road
Mumbai India
Supported by Pritam Chopra & Brand Ambassador Aryan Vaid

Bolly-stepZ is located in Brighton UK and Mumbai India.

All the magic glitz and glamour the Bollywood film are mostly known for their theatrical musical dance routines in the movie. The Bollywood dance style incorporates the fusion of Salsa, Hip Hop, Bhangra, Latin, Rock n Roll, Soul, East Indian, Khatak and much more. Now arriving in India Mumbai is a dance class with a difference, supported by International Events Artistes Agency & PR senZasianal PR CEO & Founder Pritam Chopra has set up a unique concept along with his Brand Ambassador Aryan Vaid. Bolly-stepZ is a class for all age groups from 4+ to learn the routines and styles of dances that appear at your favorite stage show, music videos and movies in the Bollywood Industry.

Bolly stepZ

Rekha Teavar heads the organization of Bolly-stepZ providing all students her tremendous 9 years experience on the circuit and teaching on all levels, the concept of this school is to provide a platform no just for dancers but to keep fit and healthy and provide many paths to relaxation. Successful students after exams for performing at the dance school shall be provided chance to audition for stage shows, music vids or put into a troop to perform live at melas weddings and various functions. Rekha Teavar “ I see this more as an Academy and a way for me to give back the industry all the wonderful years I been here”

Dance Instructor Rekha Teavar
  • Rekha Teavar, 9 years of experience in all styles of Bollywood Dancing. Her career began at the age of 17 practicing at home then joining various groups to build her experience before leaping a few steps of the ladder and appearing alongside the biggest stars of bollywood in those hit songs. Coming from a hard background Rekha never gave up her dream and ambition and appeared in many papers tv shows and movies around the world.
  • Her work has been recognized by Oscar winner Longinus Fernandez, Ceasar n Bosco, Katrina Kaif, Sharukh Khan and also Salman Khan just to name a few.
  • Awards shows were she has also performed and presently still being offered major stage shows and videos this Mumbai born individual has shot through the ranks like no other. Covering Star Awards, Zee Awards, IIFA, and many more. In the United States she covered productions with Disney as well as bollywood reaching Canada, Africa, UK and even Austrailia were she is in demand. Rekha also worked on the big The Merchant of Bollywood.
  • Rekha worked with and also assited choreographers forming a mainstream relation with the biggest names in the industry. She has worked with Bollywood celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee & Saif Ali Khan.
  • Now she pursues her lifelong dream of necoming a Choreographer as well as establishing her Dance Academy internationally.

All ethnic backgrounds can take part Bolly-stepZ is a sister company of senZasianal PR which have a professional background and have worked with carious Bollywood Icons and crossed the pond also into Hollywood. Sound and Lighting to get that motivation kick started and moving. We provide a state if the Art Rehearsal hall indoors and outdoors with the best dance training for stage shows, movies music videos, events, weddings and more.
It cannot get more senZasianal then that get your dancing shoes on and get stepping to Bolly- stepZ.

  • Bollywood Traditional Music Routine steps
  • Bollywood Stage Performance classes
  • Bolly Fit classes
  • Bollywood Mix Steps
  • Bollywood Dance Class
  • Hip Hop with Desi Routine Steps
  • We provide through our company senZasianal PR to advance students opportunities and auditions for movies music videos and shows internationally.
  • Cost effective membership
  • Fitness and Breathing exercises
  • Health & Safety on site
  • Portfolios and show reels
  • Weddings / Parties /Private functions Dance performers
  • Yoga classes
  • University Tours/College Classes & School Classes

For more info contact: Bolly stepZ
Rekha Teavar or Pritam Chopra
+919833576018 INDIA MUMBAI
+447972844824 UK BRIGHTON

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