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FIZA AHMAD Profile Rate
Age: 16
Experience: 1
Location: Aurangabad
Description: Dear Sir, Fiza is 9yrs old and is very talented. She is quiet tall as per her age ( 4feet 9 inches ) and is very fair and extremely beautiful.She possessvery charming and pleasing personality.Fiza is ...   View Profile
ABHAY VERMA Profile Rate
Age: 11
Experience: 1
Location: Delhi
Description: Nick name: Aadi About Aadhiyan: A Cute hyper active child friendly to all and photogenic. Age: 6 Height: 120cm Weight: 21Kg Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Black Complexion: Fair Location: Delhi Hobbi...   View Profile
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RIYA NAHAR Profile Rate
Age: 17
Experience: 2
Location: Chandigarh
Description: I am 17 years old. I am passionate about acting and singing.    View Profile
RAVI KUMAR Profile Rate
Age: 28
Experience: 0
Location: Jalandhar
Description: Myself, Ravi who thinks himself as an best actor.   View Profile
Age: 24
Experience: 5
Location: Mumbai
Description: versatile singer, musician & live performer   View Profile
SURAJ SABLE Profile Rate
Age: 18
Experience: 2
Location: Ahmadnagar
Description: i m Soooo intrested in Singing because from Childhood i m intrested in singing and its my passion of my life. i have 2 yrs experience in singing.   View Profile
RIZA SHIRUR Profile Rate
Age: 25
Experience: 0
Location: Belgaum
Description: I Am fresh actor neved had any acting in my life, but i have good talent in acting as villan or actor, support actor, romance.   View Profile
Age: 19
Experience: 0
Location: Akola
Description: I am student and i have a Great Interst In Singing .....................    View Profile

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