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Acting & Filmmaking Workshop

Invites you to

Acting & Filmmaking Workshop

At Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Dehradun, Mumbai, Lucknow, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. And more cities can be added as per the response.

Who can join?

Anyone interested to make his/her career in entertainment / film industry can join it.

It is a filmmaking workshop designed especially to give beginners an insight into the art of filmmaking, mixing the highly intensive curriculum of film schools with the madcap fun of a workshop.

You can choose the area of your focus, while learning the overall process of making a film.

What are the benefits of joining Acting & Filmmaking Workshop?

Learn on how to make your career in entertainment / film industry.

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Do you want to become an actor?

Learn : ‘How To Position Yourself On Camera’ and ‘What A Director expect from you’ .

Acting & Filmmaking - What will I learn?

Start with the basics of a story, how important is dialogue and the role of screenplay in a film. Pitch your own story or work in someone else’s if you like. Write - Act - Direct - Shoot – Edit and make your own film.

Here comes the fun part…

Acting for camera and directing a film

Make the camera your friend and play with it

Learn how to take or give that perfect shot

And then? Wait, you are half-way there.

Once that script is locked, the rollercoaster begins.

Storyboard, Planning, Production design, Pre-production, Costumes, Make-up, Location, Casting, Sets, Shot division, Shooting, Editing, AND?

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About the Acting & Filmmaking Workshop

Participants are provided with an in-depth knowledge of filmmaking, preparing them as the next generation of filmmakers. will train participants in the different spheres of filmmaking during the course of the workshop. allows participants to choose their area of focus, while learning the overall process of making a film. Beyond writing and direction, some participants may enjoy acting, while others may prefer the technical side of production. The workshop is composed to extract the best out of a person's natural talent and fit it to complete the jigsaw that is a film. They will thus form a crew that will make a whole film.

Acting & Filmmaking Workshop Details

You will be taken on a journey into the exciting and creative world of film making by Come learn from some of the industry’s most experienced and talented minds. The classes are a perfect balance of theoretical and practical knowledge, allowing you to actually practice all that you learn. The workshop culminates with you actually making your own film. The Acting & Filmmaking Workshop fee is Rs 25000/-, which includes drinking water, tea and lunch.

Duration: 6 Days

Fees: Rs 25000/-

Day 1
Introduction to Film making
The objective of the orientation program is to acquaint students with the technique of film making and the production of television programs in general.
Introduction to Acting and practical
Exercises in concentration and relaxation
Lessons in voice and speech
Lessons in the use of film/TV language
Lessons in the expressive use of body postures and facial expressions

Day 2
Acting Workshop
Lessons in the expressive use of movements
Nurturing acting talent
Exercises in acting for the Camera
Acting Workshop
Exercise in anchoring
Exercise in interviewing
Exercise in news reading
Exercises in scene study
Exercises in facing the camera
Participation in training films

Day 3
Basics of Direction
Communication: Concept and theories of Prints, Films, Radio & Television as means of mass communication
Role of Director.
Grammar of Films & Television
Researching for films & TV Programmes
Television Programme Formats.
Understanding creative use of the Camera, Lighting for Films and Television
Recording Sound for Films & Television.
Direction for a screenplay
Production design
Writing for Films & Television
Developing Films/Television Projects.
Studio Production Routine.
Practical & Production Exercises

Day 4
Basics of Camera
Television and Movie Cameras The television camera
Television camera controls and adjustments
The television camera mounts
Basic optics
The Lens
Lens Filters
Camera Techniques Controlling Exposure
Focusing the shot
Composing the shot
Perspective and depth of field
Camera movements
Shooting for editing
Camera care routines
The digital television camera
Practical’s and Production Exercises
Practical exercises on operating professional grade camera

Day 5
Basics of Post-Production/Editing
Editing as an art and craft of film making & television presentation
Role of the editor and his relationship with the director.
Video editing theory and practice.
Film versus video editing.
The video cassette recorder and the recording of television programmes.
Digital- Computer as a tool of editing.
Microphones-their characteristics and application in film and television production.
The sound track and sound editing.
Practical exercises in non-linear editing.
Editing of programmes produced during training exercises.

Day 6
Script writing
Art and craft of writing for the screen
Writing scenes
Brief screenplay
The shooting scripts
Creating characters
Developing stories
Pre Production for your short film
Sets, Costumes, Shot break up

Question and Answers Round

You can directly ask your doubts / questions.

Workshop Date: Will be announced soon (Tentative in June’2011)

Venue: Will be announced soon (At different cities)

Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Duration: 6 Days Acting & Filmmaking Workshop

Fees: INR 25000/-

For any further information kindly call us at:

Phone: +91-11-65099790, 64555219

Mobile: 09212630720

Or Email us at:

Limited seats: First come first serve basis.

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